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Studying in Russia

We offer the opportunity for foreign students to receive education in the best universities of Russia. Russian universities provide various types of educational and training programs in different promising specialties, which diplomas are recognized all over the world.

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Want to get a Russian education? Get a Russian citizenship too!

Now getting a Russian citizenship became a lot easier!

Foreign students in Russia can work in their free time without obtaining a work permit or patent. Employers have the right to attract and use foreign students without obtaining permission to attract and use foreign workers. (Federal Law No. 16-FZ of 02/06/2020)

The Ministry of Labor almost doubled the list of professions of foreigners who can apply for Russian citizenship in a simplified manner. Previously, the list had only 74 items, but now it appears 135 professions. At the suggestion of the federal authorities, the list was replenished with a number of medical specialties - a pediatrician, psychiatrist, therapist, surgeon, epizootologist, and nurses appeared in it.

The list also includes irrigation and drainage technicians, zootechnicians, fish farmers, tractor driver\s and even editors and correspondents.

Advantages of studying in Russia

A little bit about studying at Russian universities

  • Ability to study
    in English

    Do not know Russian language? Not a problem! Leading Russian universities offer studying in English. We will help you choose the right university.

  • Wide choice of universities
    and educational programs

    In addition to the main education programs, there are preparatory and additional courses, summer programs. Or you can come just to learn Russian language.

  • Why is it more profitable
    to study in Russia?

    По данным за 2019 год средняя стоимость обучения в Европе и США превысила средняя стоимость обучения в России в 5-10 раза.

  • The opportunity to
    get free scholarship.

    Russia is one of the few countries that offer foreigners the opportunity to study for free. Each year, the Russian government gives away several thousand scholarships in Russian universities for foreign citizens (in 2019, 15,000 places were given away).

  • Basic nature
    of university education

    Russia is recognized as a world leader in the training of mathematicians, physicists, chemists, geologists, engineers, programmers, doctors and specialists in other natural sciences.


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Prepare all the necessary documents and come to study in Russia!

We offer:

Life in Russia

Living in Russian cities every year is becoming more interesting. Moscow, and St. Petersburg, Kazan and Sochi, Kaliningrad and Nizhny Novgorod are like a window of a new Russia, where millions of tourists go and get rid of stereotypes about bears and balalaikas. The new generation of Russian guests is much younger, with an average age of 34 years. A strong impetus to the surge of interest in Russia was given by the World Cup. This major sport event of 2018 attracted 3.4 million foreign fans. The people here are very hospitable. As soon as you get into the house of a Russian family, you will be immediately seated at the set table and everybody will be very interested in asking you about your homeland. The Russian language is not as complicated as it seems, and communication with Russians even at a basic level makes them feel valuable, and people will do everything possible to help you. In large Russian cities, much attention is paid to creating an accessible environment for people with disabilities. Most houses, institutions and shops are equipped with ramps and special elevators. After leaving the USSR, Russia can be considered a young country. It has rich opportunities in terms of business development and a growing entrepreneurial spirit among the younger generation. With tax subsidies adopted by the Government, starting a business today has become much easier than it was a few years ago.

Studying in Russia

Want to study abroad? Welcome to Russian universities! Studying in Russia is both prestigious and beneficial. You can be sure that you will acquire all the knowledge you need in your chosen specialty and in the future will be useful in your career. Russia has a lot of universities, so you have a wide choice. All you need to do is to choose a program you like, prepare the documents required, come to Russia, and start studying. You can either study on a commercial basis or for free with the support of the Russian Government, which presents a certain number of state-funded scholarships for foreign students at universities every year. Read our detailed instructions about what you need to do to register in a Russian university. There are many different forms of funding, grants and scholarships, so every student can choose the most suitable option. Don’t be disappointed if you weren’t qualified for a scholarship - tuition fees at Russian universities are much lower than in other countries. Explore education programs and check the prices: you just might find a suitable option.

When registering on our website, specialists will help you with full consultation and admission to the desired educational institution.

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Russian language training

We offer preparatory courses for teaching foreign students the Russian language. A good knowledge of the Russian language, in turn, gives our students the opportunity to get higher education in higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation.

Required documents

Upon admission to a Russian university, foreign applicants present the original educational certificate. Moreover, according to Russian laws, it must be legalized in the country of issue.